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Need icons, made icons. Here's a preview, the rest are in my community. Follow the link.

"disgusted noise"
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Author: [personal profile] selenic76 
Title: As You Are Mine, I Am Yours
Fandom: Dragon Age II
Pairing: male!Hawke/Fenris
Rating: M
Word count: ~930
Warnings/tags: None of the usual, unbetad / established relationship, developing relationship, Hawke POV,
Disclaimer: Don't own or profit from them

Summary: Fenris comes to visit Hawke at night, but he doesn't intend to stay.

Author's notes: Even before buying the game, I knew I'd fallen for Fenris. Ever since finishing the first playthrough with male!Hawke (rogue) and friendship romancing Fenris, I've been wanting to write this little scene. I was intrigued by the fact that Fenris never moves in with Hawke (like I hear other romancable characters too) even after they're in a committed relationship, and wanted to explore that a bit. Finally the muses gave me all the details and the inspiration! Unbetad, all mistakes are mine. (The title was inspired by hearing Fenris say 'I am yours' to Hawke in the game ^_^)

(I wrote this as rogue!Hawke, because that's what I played but you can read it as others without too much trouble, I hope)

The fic can be read on AO3 | on DW | on LJ
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cover of TITLE

Title: Untitled Cullen/Krem Fic
Author: [ profile] psikeval
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Reader: [personal profile] sylvaine
Cover Artist: [personal profile] sylvaine
Length: 0:05:57
Rating: T
Pairing: Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi/Cullen Rutherford
Warning(s): none
Summary: Written for the prompt “validation”. Cullen and Krem, sparring.

Notes, download links, and streaming at my journal
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Title: 'I Am Shielded By Flame' (a companion piece to 'Maker, Let Mine Be The Last')
Player Character: Elissa Cousland
Characters/Pairings: Female Cousland, Leliana, Female Cousland/Leliana
Rating/Warnings: NSFW
After three long years of separation, Elissa Cousland and Leliana have learned to make do without. Alone they survived, but now, having found themselves reunited at last, they must learn to live.
'I Am Shielded By Flame' explores the effects of isolation and what it means to be alone. It offers a compassionate view into the rifts that keep people apart, and touches on one way wounded people begin to heal.
'I Am Shielded By Flame' is a companion piece to 'Maker, Let Mine Be The Last,' as it more fully explores a scene within that larger work. 'I Am Shielded By Flame' is also intended to be read after 'Maker, Let Mine Be The Last' (though it can be read alone, first, or concurrently, as per your preference).
Notes: (a) constructive criticism welcome; (b) enjoy ^_^!

The short fic is posted here on AO3.
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So I'm replaying DA2 at the moment and I've just completed the Legacy DLC. It has given me feelings and opinions.

The first time I played DAI I hadn't played Legacy so when I went into the Fade with Hawke and Stroud all I cared about was that the game wanted me to choose between Hawke and a dude I barely knew. It was no choice at all really.

But now I've played Legacy a couple of times I do wonder whether the game intends for you to leave Hawke in the fade. I notice you get the sad music when you talk to Varric after you get out of the Fade and it always struck me as odd if you leave Stroud behind given we've had no real emotional attachment to him and neither does Varric.

But when you play Legacy and understand that Corypheus is free because Hawke used his blood to release him (even if the intention was to kill him) then the line s/he says about Corypheus being his/her responsibility makes a lot more sense.

What do you guys think? I think I've only left Hawke in the fade once (and that was so I could save Alistair) but I'm wondering if doing so is actually the right thing to do.

And on a slight tangent I also feel that in DA2 the game intends for Hawke's sibling to die in the Deep Roads. Usually I let Carver die because I am a terrible person and don't like him. But Bethany is too precious so I generally make her into a Grey Warden.

Thoughts? Opinions? I just had a lot of feelings.
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Hi folks!

So, I'm back from the depths of NaNo (though I'm likely to still need another week to catch up with my DW backlog), and wanted to just hop in and make a community post :D!

a) There were a lot of folks doing NaNo that were focusing on DA fanfics! When it came to the various fanfic threads, ours was the most active (we had outpaced the HP fanficers even...which, honestly, I could not believe at first). The discussions were a lot of fun, and if any of you are interested in seeing what folks were doing over there, here's a link to the Dragon Age Fanfic Thread ^_^ !

b) I've had trouble finding good 'official' DA merch to suit my particular interests, and so my partner introduced me to Redbubble. They've got a small sticker sale going, and I would be lying if I said that I'm not about to cover a few good square feet of table, laptops, and other flat surfaces with Leliana, Sera, and other fun characters ^_^;;; I think my favorites are the "___ Greatly Approves" stickers, but honestly, I'm happy with whatever I can get :P.

c) Okay,, this may come as a surprise to you (or not, you probably don't really know me), but I love Felicia Day (not like that!), and it was not until just recently that I realized that she did anything for DA.
You: "What?!"
Me: "..."
You: [shakes head] "I am soooo have brought shame upon our community. Get out of our sight!"
Me: [cries], [dashes off to hide in the dark and twisted marshland where those without honor are doomed to roam till the end of days].

d) I have come to realize that I completely lack any DA icons. What even? Anyway...I have to fix that.

e) :D How is everyone doing? Anything new and fun going on in your DA fandomness?
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Today is the day to share any good art you've seen or that you've created.

Remember if you're not the artist please credit them and link back to the source

This one amused me recently
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I forgot to do this last Monday, so let's do it this time around!

Unfortunately I am a slow updater much of the time and thus have only two finished fics on Ao3 so far. I figure I'll start with those before tossing up WIPs.

Title: Little Vials
Pairings Isabela/Aveline
Word Count: ~2555
Summary: Being Captain of the Guard did have its perks, she had quickly discovered, one of them being a small, private bathing room. She kept it fairly spartan—just a few soaps on hand to with, with a rough cloth to lather them in, and a few small vials of scented oils: one for her hair, one for her skin—when she was feeling a little indulgent—and one for her aching joints if they bothered her.
Trigger Warnings: N/A
Links: Little Vials on Ao3


Title: A Nameless Thing
Pairings: Sebastian/F!Hawke, implied Anders/F!Hawke
Word Count: ~21147
Summary: They didn't want to put their fingers on it, thought giving it a name would give it more power. In the end, not doing so only brought them closer.
Trigger Warnings: N/A
Links: A Nameless Thing on Ao3
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I recently started playing in a new D&D campaign with one of the guys from work and a few of his friends. She's a necromancer and of course my first thought was Dorian Pavus so I'm playing her as a female version of him.

Then I decided it would be fun to make her in DAI

She doesn't really look like him but I tried )
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Monday is fanfiction sharing day so go forth and spread the love!

Read anything good recently? Written anything? You can either do a separate post or leave a comment here. Whatever you feel more comfortable doing
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This might be of interest to Dragon Age fandom.

The multi-videogame fandom community [community profile] areyougame is still taking prompts for their December round of fanfic and art.

They have already posted a sneak peak of the in-progress prompt list. There are bunch of dragon age prompts scattered throughout. 

Prompting closes on Sunday 8:00 PM EST November 15 and you can find info on how to leave prompts over here. You can prompt anonymously and no one's name is listed next to any of the prompts. The prompts are meant to be pure writer/artist creativity fuel.

I am about to leave a few more prompts and think about which prompts I might want to claim. Anyone else considering this as a prompter, a writer, and/or an artist?

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So, I'm curious about who you ship beyond playable character/love interest (if anyone).

I have become ridiculously invested in Dorian/Bull ever since I first found out they hook up in game if you don't romance either of them.

I am also rather partial to Fenris/Anders, Fenris/Hawke/Anders and Nathaniel/Velanna

How about you guys? And if you want to suggest any art/fic/whatever for your pairings of choice by all means share
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Since today I'm wearing my Dorian t-shirt and Tevinter hoodie let's talk about merchandise!

What Dragon Age merchandise do you own (if any)? What do you wish was available that currently doesn't exist?

I've got all the novels (but so far I've only read the first three), the collected edition of all the comics, a Cullen shirt, a Dorian shirt and two Tevinter hoodies

And this shirt which is probably my fave :D

 photo 0c3594b3-ed55-4626-b018-bfae83da04d2_zpsatfc9njd.jpg


Nov. 8th, 2015 01:00 pm[personal profile] hils
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Let's talk about DA4 and what it might involve. This thread may end up containing spoilers for Trespasser in the comments so proceed at your own peril

What do you think DA4 is going to involve? More importantly what do you want it to involve? Any characters you want to see return? Any plot points you want to see continued?
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So, this isn't quite meta, but it isn't fanfiction either, and I'm not exactly certain the proper place for it. But, I thought it might be of some interest, and today is the tenative craft/meta day and it seems like the thing to do for it.

This is a little wikia page I created a while back as an au of sorts. There was an idea floating around on tumblr about steampunk dwarves, so I wrangled it into the DA universe. I don't ever intend to write fanfiction or anything with this—just sort of created the "world state" for such a thing to happen. If anyone gets struck with an idea to write or draw or what-have-you, please feel absolutely free to do so! I wanted this to be a jumping off point for anyone who wanted to play around with it.

And thus, without even more ado, the Dwarven of Hormak.
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If we're starting this up, then may I share a fanvid made by the lovely Whuffie (typowolf on dailymotion, punwolf on tumblr)?

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So [personal profile] norwood suggested a specific day of the week where fanfic writers can share their works with similar days for artists etc

I like this plan! Obviously if you post something and want to share here right away you should absolutely do that thing! This is more for older works.

And if you're not a creator of fanworks you can use these days to share links to stuff you have enjoyed. Recs for all the things!

So, how does this look?

Monday - Fanfiction
Tuesday - Fanart
Wednesday - Videos
Thursday - Crafts & Meta
Friday - Cosplay
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Seeing cherieofthedragons's recent post with a few of their fic, I was wondering maybe if people would be interested in designating a day of the week in which all we fanfic writers could exhibit and share select stories? And maybe there could be a day for artists, fanmixers, etc, as well?

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