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Hi folks!

So, I'm back from the depths of NaNo (though I'm likely to still need another week to catch up with my DW backlog), and wanted to just hop in and make a community post :D!

a) There were a lot of folks doing NaNo that were focusing on DA fanfics! When it came to the various fanfic threads, ours was the most active (we had outpaced the HP fanficers even...which, honestly, I could not believe at first). The discussions were a lot of fun, and if any of you are interested in seeing what folks were doing over there, here's a link to the Dragon Age Fanfic Thread ^_^ !

b) I've had trouble finding good 'official' DA merch to suit my particular interests, and so my partner introduced me to Redbubble. They've got a small sticker sale going, and I would be lying if I said that I'm not about to cover a few good square feet of table, laptops, and other flat surfaces with Leliana, Sera, and other fun characters ^_^;;; I think my favorites are the "___ Greatly Approves" stickers, but honestly, I'm happy with whatever I can get :P.

c) Okay, okay...now, this may come as a surprise to you (or not, you probably don't really know me), but I love Felicia Day (not like that!), and it was not until just recently that I realized that she did anything for DA.
You: "What?!"
Me: "..."
You: [shakes head] "I am soooo disappointed...you have brought shame upon our community. Get out of our sight!"
Me: [cries], [dashes off to hide in the dark and twisted marshland where those without honor are doomed to roam till the end of days].

d) I have come to realize that I completely lack any DA icons. What even? Anyway...I have to fix that.

e) :D How is everyone doing? Anything new and fun going on in your DA fandomness?


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