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this wild. the woman who plays Senua wasn't a professional actor. She was a video editor for Ninja Theory. They kept asking her to do stuff for them like model face paints, and it eventually lead to them using her face and doing motion capture. like, she says in the video that she's not an actor and that she actually hated it prior to being asked. But when she got into it, she started practicing, and they got her a trainer so that she'd put on muscle. 

it's funny given the journey of how she went from modeling paint to doing a LIVE MOTION CAPTURE in front of a whole audience, but also incredibly inspiring. like, holy shit.

Finished TAZ: Balance

Sep. 22nd, 2017 12:05 am[personal profile] owlmoose
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So I kind of blew through the rest of TAZ, including all the freely available live shows except the one that posted today (but not the two Flophouse episodes). I am probably not sucked in enough to shell out the five bucks a month to get at the bonus content -- paying for one D&D show seems to be my limit -- but who knows. From Crystal Kingdom right through the end, the story and characters grabbed me in their teeth and refused to let me go, and I found it one of my more satisfying listening experiences in awhile.

I have a lot to say, but most all of it is spoilers. I am VERY glad that I was not at all spoiled for the main story arc, because watching it all unfold for the players as well as myself was a huge aspect of my enjoyment. So putting a spoiler cut here.

Spoilers through the finale. )

It'll be interesting to see how things change when they start playing their new games next month. I expect that I'll enjoy whatever the Critical Role gang gets up to next, in large part because I've already seen them do other things with their various one-shots, so I feel confident that my attachment is as much to the players (and especially the DM) as to the specific team of Vox Machina. I haven't gotten the opportunity to know the McElroys quite as well yet, so I'm not sure whether the changes will take with me, especially if someone else is GMing. But I'll certainly stick with it, at least for now. I look forward to discovering what direction the boys go.

Reading Challenge

Sep. 19th, 2017 06:56 am[personal profile] fereldanwench
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I set a reading challenge on Goodreads for 20 books this year; I've only read 8 so far, so I don't know if I'll meet it, but it's a substantial improvement over the past couple of years where I've netted like, 2, maybe 3.

I finished Last Flight--Asunder is my favorite Dragon Age novel (Evangeline ♥), but this would be a close second. If you like Wardens and want to know about pre-Dragon Age Blights in Thedas, it's a pretty good read. Also, some glimpses of modern day templars and mages looking for refuge in the Wardens, which is just my kinda gooooood shit. Also, griffons.

I still need to finish A Court of Wings and Ruin, but after that, I'm done with Sarah J Maas. This one is dragging so badly, and after giving some of her other books a shot, I've come to the conclusion that me enjoying A Court of Mist and Fury so much was a fluke. Also, her fanbase is ridiculous.

What's gonna get me an easy 3 reads is the Paradox series by Rachel Bach. I wanted to read some sci-fi to help with my Mass Effect fic, and this came up on a military/sci-fi female protag book list on Goodreads. I'm about a third of the way done with the second book now.

They're nothing ground-breaking, and there are a few tropes that I'm not wild about, but overall I've been having a lot of fun with them. Devi, the protag, is 100% my kind of lady: she unapologetically loves her whiskey, she loves her fucking, and she loves her fighting. I actually stayed up way past my bedtime one night last week to read, which is something I haven't done in years. Since college, I think.


Sep. 18th, 2017 07:58 pm[personal profile] settiai
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Out of curiosity, is anyone interested in a Kindle Paperwhite. It's the previous edition, so it's not the latest one, but it still works perfectly fine. Pretty much the only time that I use it nowadays is when I'm traveling via plane, which I don't see happening any time soon since I don't plan on going back to Tennessee for the holidays this year. So since my checking account is still somewhat lighter than I'd like, I thought that I'd at least see if anyone might want one.

I also still have quite a few things available in the virtual garage sale post that I put up several weeks ago. And I'm very much willing to haggle when it comes to listed prices, if you're interested in anything.

(Oh, and for those of you who donated to my Ko-fi page and requested fic, it's coming! The last few weeks have been absolutely hell, which deserves its own post, but things are calming down and I actually have time to breathe again.)

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Sep. 17th, 2017 10:38 pm[personal profile] theharlotofferelden
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There's a lot of fandom cross-pollination between Critical Role and The Adventure Zone, which makes a lot of sense -- they're both story-focused Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, a family of nerds playing their beloved games and sharing them with an audience -- but despite my love for CR, I'd been a bit reluctant to dive in to TAZ. But then I learned that the current campaign would be wrapping up soon (I understand it's recently done so), and I decided to give it a shot. I'd been listening to it every now and again as I had time, but it didn't suck me in as completely as Critical Role did... and then I reached The Eleventh Hour, which is the fifth main story arc. I'd noticed the GM's storytelling and the players' character work improving over time, but everything took a serious level up in the previous arc (The Crystal Kingdom), and early in The Eleventh Hour everything solidified, pulling me into the story to the point that I'm now dying to know what happens next.

It used to be that I never wrote fic for a canon that I hadn't finished, but anyone who knows me and my relationship kinks (specifically, separation and reunion) will probably not be surprised that I was taken by the urge to write about one particular scene. Cut for spoilers. )

I'm sure this moment has been ficced a thousand times, but I learned my lesson about looking for fic when I'm behind on a canon from Dragon Age. ;) So for now I'll just present my own quick take on the scene; maybe once I've finished the Balance storyline I'll revisit it with the full knowledge of anything relevant that happens later. Note, I'm still early in the arc that follows Eleventh Hour (The Suffering Game; I've only listened to the first episode) so please no spoilers for anything later in comments.

Title: Magnus Knows
Fandom: The Aventure Zone
Rating: All audiences
Wordcount: 735
Characters: Magnus, the Chalice, Magnus/Julia
Spoilers: Yes, through Ep. 48 (The Eleventh Hour, Chapter 8)
Notes: See above :)

Magnus knows. )
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The challenge of being fannish and slow is getting Jossed by the next episode. Bea wanted wingfic, i wrote it for her, but before I could polish and post, sigh ....
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