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Since today I'm wearing my Dorian t-shirt and Tevinter hoodie let's talk about merchandise!

What Dragon Age merchandise do you own (if any)? What do you wish was available that currently doesn't exist?

I've got all the novels (but so far I've only read the first three), the collected edition of all the comics, a Cullen shirt, a Dorian shirt and two Tevinter hoodies

And this shirt which is probably my fave :D

 photo 0c3594b3-ed55-4626-b018-bfae83da04d2_zpsatfc9njd.jpg


Date: 2015-11-09 04:24 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] jenna_thorn
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I've purchased the Varric holding cards tee shirt (is anyone surprised?). Oh and the comics (Yay, Mae!). The only novel I picked up was the prequel to DA:O and it's Loghain-centric, so I wound up getting halfway through it on sheer stubborn, then decided that no one cared if I quit a book because I didn't like the main character and I didn't get points for reading the damn thing and gave it away.

I've made: a stuffed nug because I love Krem, a Dorian-centric hooded scarf (scarf bit starts in black with a cabled snake, then up the hood with peacock feathers, cables, lace skulls, and sequins all over, because Dorian), a hat with the Inquisition symbol on it, and tiny Iron Bull, as seen in your photos. The Dorian hood went to the Wincon raffle for Kiva, the nug and Iron Bull are on my desk, and I wore the hat yesterday because it was chilly here. 8-)

I want: a stuffy mabari, though the BioWare one is kind of funny shaped and let's face it, I'm probably going to make my own. Though if the Paragon/Renegade hoodie goes on sale, I'm buying one and the kid and I'll fight over who wears it. Cassandra's hoodie looked really good on CathyBites, but I don't have her panache. But I'm perfectly willing to take fanart over commercial merchandise most of the time, anyway.

Date: 2015-11-10 09:45 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] fereldanwench
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That's a great shirt!

I've become a bit of a collector when it comes to Dragon Age stuff. I don't have a huge collection, but I do have have some cool pieces. These are probably my favorites:

Flemeth dragon figurine:

Darkspawn & Grey Warden letter openers:

The Grey Warden one was actually the win of very intense eBay bidding war. I was very happy with my win! :D

And here's a shot of my office, outfitted with various DA goodies. I'm still in search for some good frames for the prints--I have a really nice one for a Lara Croft print on another wall, but the frame was discontinued and I haven't been able to find anything similar in the same price range.

The Isabela painting in the far right is my own artwork, and I made her dagger hanging in the shelf, too. (I've been cosplaying her for a few years now.) You can also see some of the prints and boxes from the collector's editions of the DAI art book and both volumes of The World of Thedas.

I do have all the novels and comic compendium, too. I sadly do not have a DAO strategy guide yet, but I have the CE guide for both DA2 and DAI. And I've got a lot of clothes, mostly t-shirts and hoodies, and some jewelry. I think this one is my current favorite. I'm waiting for a sale so I can pick up some of the new clothes they just added to the BioWare store. I really like the Cass dress.

I have the Inquisition and Kirkwall coffee cups--I would love to see more drinkware for DA. Mass Effect has some really nice glassware--A set of glass highballs with different insignia etched into them would be great. I could go for a nice travel mug, too. And I'd love to see an DA version of that ANGL sweater.


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