Nov. 16th, 2015

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I forgot to do this last Monday, so let's do it this time around!

Unfortunately I am a slow updater much of the time and thus have only two finished fics on Ao3 so far. I figure I'll start with those before tossing up WIPs.

Title: Little Vials
Pairings Isabela/Aveline
Word Count: ~2555
Summary: Being Captain of the Guard did have its perks, she had quickly discovered, one of them being a small, private bathing room. She kept it fairly spartan—just a few soaps on hand to with, with a rough cloth to lather them in, and a few small vials of scented oils: one for her hair, one for her skin—when she was feeling a little indulgent—and one for her aching joints if they bothered her.
Trigger Warnings: N/A
Links: Little Vials on Ao3


Title: A Nameless Thing
Pairings: Sebastian/F!Hawke, implied Anders/F!Hawke
Word Count: ~21147
Summary: They didn't want to put their fingers on it, thought giving it a name would give it more power. In the end, not doing so only brought them closer.
Trigger Warnings: N/A
Links: A Nameless Thing on Ao3
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Monday is fanfiction sharing day so go forth and spread the love!

Read anything good recently? Written anything? You can either do a separate post or leave a comment here. Whatever you feel more comfortable doing
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I recently started playing in a new D&D campaign with one of the guys from work and a few of his friends. She's a necromancer and of course my first thought was Dorian Pavus so I'm playing her as a female version of him.

Then I decided it would be fun to make her in DAI

She doesn't really look like him but I tried )


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