Nov. 3rd, 2015

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One of the things I used to love about livejournal groups that were similar to this was people sharing their work. So... in hopes people will follow my lead, maybe I can share a couple of things I wrote? These are the two of the works I'm proudest of.

A Little White Lie:

Pairing: Anders/f!Hawke
Rating: Explicit. Smut is in chapters 17 and 18, so you can skip those if you want.
Summary: Autumn Hawke is awkward around men, and Anders in particular. To get her to loosen up, Isabela and Bethany tell her that Anders is only interested in other men.


Pairing: Blackwall/f!Lavellan
Rating: Explicit, but if you skip chapters 14 and 22 you can avoid the smut.
Summary: Modern tattoo shop AU. Blackwall is an ex-con looking for the perfect artist to do his griffon tattoo. Mirevas Lavellan is that artist -- and so much more.
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Seeing cherieofthedragons's recent post with a few of their fic, I was wondering maybe if people would be interested in designating a day of the week in which all we fanfic writers could exhibit and share select stories? And maybe there could be a day for artists, fanmixers, etc, as well?

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What do you think of the DA voice actors? Have any of them inspired you to go and seek out other things they've done?

And, important question: who would voice your Warden if they remastered Origins and gave the playable character a voice?


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