Nov. 2nd, 2015

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Slightly controversial issue here - remember to be nice to each other when discussing.

What do you all think about mods? I've only ever played on PS3/PS4 so I've never used them personally but I've seen images/gifs on Tumblr and I know it's something a lot of people feel strongly about.

If you've used mods what sort of things do you change and why? If you've made a conscious choice not to use mods what was the reasoning.

I have to say from what I've seen I like superficial mods. Ones that let you change clothes or hair, stuff like that. But that being said I HATE HATE HATE the mod that removes Dorian's moustache. Just...why?

In terms of deeper changes. Ones that let you change the sexuality of the characters, skin tone etc I think it depends on use I guess. One person I know on Twitter explained it quite well. If a mod is used to add minority representation to a game then that's great, if it's used to remove it then that's bad.

I think that's pretty much where I stand on the issue. Making Cass or Cullen bi so they can have a same sex relationship is fine. Making Dorian bi so he can have a heterosexual relationship not so much (and that's ignoring the fact that making him straight kind of derails his whole personal story/quest)

Thoughts? Opinions?


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